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NAI 2024

St. Augustine, Florida — December 3–6

Professional Grants now being accepted!

Navigating Changing Tides

Selected for the site of the NAI 2024 National Conference, St Augustine, Florida has been “Navigating Changing Tides” historically, culturally, and environmentally for hundreds of years. The site of great tragedy as well as great hope and celebration, it is a perfect site for sparking interpretive conversations.

The surrounding area has been an indigenous homeland, a colony, a military fort, a target of piracy, a respite for the Gullah Geechee population, a center for civil rights advancement, a city of wealth and leisure, a college town, and a popular tourist attraction. Located on the Atlantic shore of northern Florida, St Augustine has 43 miles of pristine beaches, and is currently one of the fastest growing counties in the US. Changes related to population growth and increasingly severe weather patterns, also make this area an environmental hot spot. No matter your interpretive focus, you will meet with amazing peers in St Augustine in which to share ideas, grow with, and learn from.

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge our event will take place in person on the traditional and ancestral homelands of the ancient Timucuan and Creek Nations and people, and the remaining Seminole and Miccosukee Nations and people who still call Florida home. They are the original stewards of this land.

We honor their sacrifices as we are able to gather here to learn and share knowledge to advance the field of interpretation.

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