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If you help visitors learn about a place that’s important to you, you’re an interpreter!

Interpreters connect visitors to important natural, cultural, and historical resources at parks, nature centers, historical sites, aquariums, zoos, and anywhere that people come to learn about places. NAI defines interpretation as "a purposeful approach to communication that facilitates meaningful, relevant, and inclusive experiences that deepen understanding, broaden perspectives, and inspire engagement with the world around us."

Individual Memberships

Invest in your interpretive career with NAI's individual membership. Get access to a global network of cultural, natural, and historical interpreters at great value. Choose from various membership options best suited for you.

Options include:

  • Professional Membership
  • Seasonal Membership
  • Retired Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Volunteer Membership

Learn more about Individual Memberships

Institutional Memberships

Institutional membership is great for a single interpretive site (park, museum, aquarium, etc.). Your whole staff can benefit from certain NAI membership benefits, or get a discounted individual membership to take full advantage.

Learn more about Institutional Memberships

Commercial Memberships

NAI offers three different commercial membership options:

  • Commercial Plus memberships are beneficial for the larger company or one that wants the most bang for the buck! This membership receives the most benefits when it comes to advertising, conference exhibiting and sponsoring.
  • Commercial Standard memberships, created for the smaller to medium size company, also receive great benefits for advertising and exhibiting that will get you out in front the NAI membership.
  • Consultant memberships are great for the individual who wants to get their product or service in front of the NAI membership. This membership is an upgraded Professional membership with advertising discounts.

Learn more about Commercial Memberships

Member Area  Member Only Content

Access your NAI membership benefits, including:

  • NAI Career Center (with jobs postings and career advancement opportunities)
  • Interpreter's Network
  • Mentor Match Program
  • Membership Directory
  • Media Library
  • Publications Archive
  • Access to pro deals from Outdoor Prolink

Access the Member Area

NAI Communities

NAI's communities include geographical regions and special-interest sections. These groups provide location- or content-specific benefits, including newsletters, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Membership in communities is included in the cost of NAI membership. Add them to your NAI experience in your Account link at the top of this page (login required).

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